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Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain??

Welcome to Body By Bowen  
                                              Treat yourself to an amazing experience...Your body deserves it! 

    Bowen Therapy helps your body to UNLOCK THE SECRET TO OPTIMAL HEALTH.  It is the best-kept secret in healthcare today. The promising results that Bowen Therapy consistently achieves is second-to-none and is endorsed and highly praised by top physicians around the world. It is pioneering the revolutionary wave in natural healthcare by surpassing mainstream Western and alternative methods in addressing common and rare ailments as well as acute and chronic pain using a simplified approach. Many people who have spent thousands of dollars elsewhere with little or no results, are ecstatic when they receive the results they are looking for AFTER JUST A FEW VISITS! The results clearly speak for themselves..  NST (neurostructural integration technique) is now available in this clinic, which is an advanced form of Bowen Therapy that can lessen the amount of treatments required for relief. 

                                  LET BOWEN THERAPY DELIVER OPTIMAL HEALTH
                                       for those who want to get well and feel healthy again 

              Bowen, a Therapy that is Powerful, Yet Brilliantly Simple!


           Now offering Raindrop Therapy, to Boost Immunity and Diminish Pain using high grade Essential Oils and Vita Flex technique to bring your body back into structural as well as electrical and emotional alignment.  Enhance your immunity by ridding the body of toxins such as viruses and bacteria, boost stamina, relieve inflammation and pain.  Call to reserve your spot for Raindrop to give your body an edge to combat the stressors of winter!      

        Welcome  Michael Bunnett, Certified Massage Therapist as well as Bowen Practitioner, is now offering the sought after
Cupping Therapy  and also Massage Therapy to treat a number of conditions that result in pain and dysfunction within the body, utilizing soft tissue stimulation that surrounds the Central Nervous System.  This therapy is increasingly used as a preventive measure to bolster resistance to disease, as well as it's effectiveness for a wide range of medical problems associated with inflammation and pain.  

Newest addition to our team of Wellness providers is Nicole Richard.  Nicole is here for all your counselling needs through either 'secure' online sessions or in her office. Please visit her website today and do not put off feeling anxious, depressed or stressed about your life issues. YOU are valuable and deserve the proper, respectful and compassionate guidance to get your life back on track. Call #233-3015

    Our clinic does not only address your physical inflammation or emotional well being, but we are also lucky to have Bobbie Jo MacDonald on site to take care of all your Medical Aesthetic needs!  Check out her new facebook page to message her at Body Envy Medical Aesthetics.


       Few in the Greater Moncton area have Mobility Pro Tape experience and certification. Our clinic now uses this very special and world renown Kinesio Tape with our clients to help facilitate continued and quicker healing.

New in 2017!!  Our location is now a Level 2 Ideal Protein Weight loss Clinic!  America's #1 Diet that is Medically supervised with superb coaching, let this program be your LAST diet and re-set your pancreas so you don't gain the weight back after you meet your weight loss goals.  Visit our website

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